If you are music lover and enjoying listening songs on saavn and gaana kind of music streaming website and apps. Now there is a good news, YouTube has launched YouTube Music in india now. You can enjoy the Youtube music both on desktop and mobile devices. You can access the desktop version on.


And for android and iphone app just search for YouTube Music on play store and apple store. Apps are available free of cost.

But unlike saavn and gaana, it doesn’t support mp3 music but rather than you can watch a music videos. Well, we can get that through the Youtube apps then what’s difference?. So basically YouTube Music is launched only for the streaming video songs and best thing is you can search songs by genre and artist. It has lot more other features.

When you open a website first time, it asks you few things like language of the songs that you want to listen. The artist you want to follow and it shows the songs based on your preferences.

This platform is also very good for the artists. Artist released the songs under different-different labels and there is no way for the users to get a list of all the songs released by an artist. So here in this platform, it is very easy for them to manage all of their songs.

Users can search a song on youtube by keywords but they don’t have a way to search song by genre. But on  YouTube Music, it is very easy to search be genre.

If you haven’t checked the app and website. Go and checkout now and leave your comment about the youtube new service.